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Hannah Schwanzer,

Man at work
What do I spy

Hannah Schwanzer

Lives and works at Wen

Born 22.06.1955


born, living and working in Vienna and abroad. Loves travelling and the confrontation with multicultural issues. ❘ Education- Fine arts, grafic-design & fotography@University for Applied Arts Vienna, INSEAD,Fontainebleau/Singapore - MBA@CALState Hayward- Executive Portfolio Manager@Frankfurt/Main; ❘ Exhibitions: Venice Intern. Summerac.Palazzio Zenobio- Kunst am Arbeitsplatz- Contemporarities- welcome 2014- PaparazziGalerie am Schillerplatz- Art and Bridge- Coop with Wolf Kroeger, art director ❘ Galerie am Schillerplatz- Press Reset ❘ Galerie am Schillerplatz- Art4the Business ❘ at IMADEC University- PR MAK - Plankengasse 4, - Burg Oberranna- Seilergasse 16- Unwearables ❘ „Fabrik“ St. Pölten- 20erHaus ❘ Publications and Lecture Series: „Architecture, Art Museums and Urban Developments“„Art 4 the spirit“, "Art 4 the Business", "Digital Natives"– „The introduction of the so called 35-hours week“, "One size fits all?" Financial decision bodies behind the EMU.


Hannah Schwanzer is a multicultural and conceptual artist, picking at phenomena of Zeitgeist: social voyeurism, man@work for man@work, paparazzi@www. ... Each of the represented peaces of art work and fotographies are representing series: the Venice syndrom, art for the garage, algorithm and correlation, reality shift, Paris spys, paparazzi, theater, mirrors ..Hannah is influenced by and grew up with the art of the late 20th Century together with the digital ways of today´s communication style. She loves to experiment and play with both styles. She depicts pictoral illusions of psychographic moments, uses the language of artistic translation for human performance. She translates reality shifts by displacing actions and places on purpose to highlight signs of Zeitgeist. She uses the language of artistic intervention: Her graphic design interfeares photography, her paintings vary from abstract expressionism to a new style using symbolic and semantic hermeneutical characters. Hannah plays with ideas of a puzzle on how to rearrange and regroupe social phenomena of today.

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