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Juliana Do

Lives and works at Vienna, Austria

Born 05.03.1975

Curriculum Born 1975 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Lives and works in Vienna, Austria Since 2010 member of the Association of Austrian Artists, Künstlerhaus, Vienna EDUCATION: 1989-1994 High school of Fine Arts “Tz. Lavrenov”, Plovdiv, Bulgaria 1995-1996 University of Industrial and Applied Arts, Linz, Austria 1997-2002 Academy of Fine Arts, Prof. Franz Graf, Vienna, Austria 2010-2011 Teacher in Fine Arts, National Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria SELECTED EXHIBITIONS: International Exhibition Museum Artemons, Austria Own Exhibition Gallery Loft 8, Vienna Austria International Exhibition “Terra Incognita”, Altana Gallery, Dresden, Germany. International Exhibition River Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia International Exhibition “Europe the woman”, 12 Star Gallery, London, UK Group Exhibition “Renaissance” Schloss Parz, Austria Group Exhibition “Die Blösse” Gallery Lang, Vienna, Austria International Exhibition “Agora” House Wittgenstein, Vienna, Austria Vienna Art Fair, Gallery Lang Art Fair Linz, Gallery Helmut Loidl International Symposium Pöchlarn, Austria Artist in residence, Amsterdam, Holland Third International Women´s Festival “Femina”, Haifa, Israel PRIZES: 2014 Art Prize "Hofburg: Ein Stück Geschichte", Vienna, Austria 2010 “Renaissance” Schloss Parz, Austria 2007 Artist in residence, Amsterdam, Holland 2007 International competition Essence of Asia “Eastern influences in western art” NY, USA 2006 International competition “ Kunst des Alterns” Berlin, Germany 2000 Participate in Vienna IBM Calendar 1999 Art Prize „ Sussmann & Sussmann“ Stiftung, Vienna, Austria


The main focus of my art is the human body, which has been an object of cult and legend through the centuries. The human being is an everlasting subject that inspires art, and the cultural and creative aspects of reproducing the human form in art allow us to see both the humanity of the person and the expressivity of the individual body. My artistic approach to the human body is to perceive it as the basis of human understanding and the origin of all aspects of life. The human body is the source of delight, the genesis of diverse emotions, all of them binding one person to another. In this sense, the human body is the highest possible artistic expression of exchange and interaction between human beings. My aim is to transmit the message of our own subjective awareness and create a feel for the human body through the chosen colour combinations and body shapes. My method of illustration projects the soul and the aesthetics of the human body and allows us to reflect on our own humanity.

Tina Prize - Roma Artists Tina Prize - Berlin Artists Tina Prize - Bercelona Artists