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Piotr Butkiewicz

Lives and works at Wroclaw Poland

Born 07.07.1966


Piotr Butkiewicz ul. Ruska 46c/6 50-079 Wroclaw Poland mob. +48 691256107 e-mail: 7th July 1966 Polish education: 1986-1991 Academy of Fine Art in Wroclaw, Poland 1981-1986 Lyceum of Fine Art, Lodz, Poland solo exhibitions: 2014 - "In touch", Olympia Gallery, Krakow 2011 – „Just Painting”, Chrr Gallery, Wroclaw 2009 - „Painting”, Terbeek Gallery, Holland 2008 - „I went to you”, Uhlehoff, Schwarmstedt, Germany 2006 - „Steinbrunne” - a sculpture for a town Maxdorf, Germany 2005 - „Painting”, Kreismuseum, Dippoldiswalde, Germany 2004 - „Round the Table“, DESIGN Gallery, BWA. Wroclaw, Poland 2002 - „Sculpture“, Kleinniedesheim Castel , Germany 2001 - „Painting“, Kreissparkasse, Ludwigshafen, Germany - „Impressions“, ARS NOVA Gallery, Lodz 1999 - „Painting“, Oma Huone Gallery, Helsinki - „Painting“, Bell' Arte Gallery, Berlin 1998 - „Painting“, Na Odwachu Gallery, Wroclaw, Poland „Painting“, Charlotte, USA 1997 - „Painting“, Canaletto Gallery, Warsaw 1994 - „I went and gave up“, Entropia Gallery, Wrocław Poland 1991 - „Istnienie koguta w butach“, W Pasazu Gallery, Wrocław, Poland major collective cxhibitions: 2011 - „Anarchy in cosmos“, „U“ Gallery, Wroclaw, Poland - „Abel+4“, The Museum of Klodzko Land“, Klodzko, Poland 2009 - a participation in project and a film by Artur Zmijewski: „A souvenir from Celuloza“,for MoMA, NY, Swiecie, Poland 2008 - a participation in Schilderfestival, Noortwijk, Holland (also in 2007) 2005 - „ART-EX 2005”, Sculpture Symposium, sculpture „The wafe“ for a city Kraliky, Czech Republic - participation in International Sculpture Symposium Brienz, Swiss (also in 2003) 2004 - „Polish Design“, Regentenkamer, Den Hag - „Hand of Man, Colour of Soil“, Pracownia Gallery, Warsaw 2000 - a participation in Lower Silesia Exhibition at EXPO 2000, Hannover 1995 - „The Shambles of Art“, BWA Gallery, Wrocław, Poland - „Our Inherency“, Galerie Der Kunstler,Munich 1992 - „Place is not a Place“, Triennale of Young Art, CRP Oronsko, Poland


My painting is an attempt to familiarize and alternate the surrounding reality into my own. For many years I focused mainly on landscapes - their atmosphere, light, changeability. Since almost ten years it evolved into less concrete forms, the narration built on the language of unconstrained gesture, abstraction and activities devoid of reason's dictate. The painting is autonomous. The subjects that I undertake, the same as the process of painting itself, are in most cases intimate and private. The most recent examples involve: the relations of forms, delight, absconding, breathing, depth - rather less concrete and treated as the rule of origin rather than illustration. I am set on painting that is liberated and separate from the harsh reality, in order to counterbalance it.

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