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SARS (detail) the Human formation series
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Ted Barr

Lives and works at Israel, NYC

Born 02071957


The leading concept in Barr's art is the deep space and celestial elements, another theme is the beginning of life, embryos, the ovum, the growth of the embryo in the womb, all those inspired from the images of the Swedish photographer Lennart Nilsson. Theodor Barr was born in Constance Romania, on the shores of the black sea, at the age of 4 his family immigrated to Israel. In 1975 Barr was recruited to the Israeli army, in which he served in the regular and reserves forces altogether for 26 years. At 1992 Barr graduated from Israeli Battalion Commanders' Academy, and served as deputy battalion commander with the rank of a Major. At 1980 after his release from his regular army service Barr started a set of studies in the many fields he's interested in: Symbolism, Ancient Egypt, Numerology, Kabala and at the same time the much more traditional academic studies for a M.B.A degree in marketing from the Tel Aviv University, graduating in 1990. Barr does not use his name on his canvasses. Instead he developed a private symbol that combines his esoteric studies experience (more details can be read at ‘DE – Barr's symbol’ at Barr 's site) Barr wrote several books among them ‘Krombie’ - a children book and ‘Frau Gruber's Farm’ – an allegory about Hitler regime that was published in Hebrew in 2006 and translated to English on 2011. On 1995 Barr started seven years private art lessons under the Israeli master Shlomo Tzafrir in Old Jaffa where his first exhibition was opened to the public in 2001 Since then Barr had several exhibitions in New York, Montreal, Palo Alto, Guadalajara, Detroit, Chianciano Terme, Cannes, Miami, Dallas and Paris. A full list of art shows appears in his site. On October 2008 Ted Barr founded the Current art group, an international artist gathering that contains up to June 2014 5600 artists worldwide. Since 2009 Barr is curating art shows for the current art group members at cities as: Miami, NYC, Paris and Tel Aviv, Barr is teaching workshops where he demonstrates the multi-layered tar technique he developed and uses in his art works


Life and every existing element had an apparent beginning and a known end. In universal existence appearing and disappearing are but the manifestation of the same journey transforming from void to energy to matter that is an everlasting process within our universe. The human being is but a momentary visitor on this planet Earth and as all life manifestations moves in cycles so is the most developed creature, so are suns, so are galaxies and so are galaxy clusters. My main interest in my art is cycles, I see it in the movement of stars, galaxies and clusters, I view it in the embryonic stages in pregnancy and in symbols that defines religions. There are three main painting series I have created so far: Deep space – inspired by the HUBBLE telescope The human forming – influenced by Lennart Nilsson photography of embryos and inner organs Cycles of being – which combines the celestial and human cycles Studying the celestial patterns, I wrote 4 basic rules that are applicable to any object in space: MOVEMENT – there is no celestial element that stands still. Movement in the universe is spiral shaped. Movement is a basic feature of every human being, thus the legs. GATHERING – there is no celestial element that stands alone. Planets are bound to suns, suns to galaxies, galaxies to clusters. So children are bound to their mother, families, cities and countries. CYCLES – all celestial movements manifest in cycles, as the human cycle of conception, birth, growth, childhood, adulthood, old age and disappearance of the physical body, so suns are created by condensed gas, attracting matter and spiral movement by mass reaction, the end of a star life is known as Super Nova which dismisses it's remaining matter to the universe. EVOLUTION – there is a constant evolution through the ray of creation. In this respect we need to consider proportions. If the human evolution takes about a hundred years, a star’s evolution is about ten billion years. Those 4 elements are the key bricks in my art work. In order to depict those elements I developed the multi layered tar technique that consist of cold tar layers mixed with oil colors, acrylic and lacquer, all those are moved on the canvas, in a cycle process, in some of my paintings there are 10-20 layers cycles.

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